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Fiction - 2023 - 2’

Written and directed by Cyril Battarel



Aurore Frémont

Louise Orry-Diquéro

Eddie Chignara

Christophe Battarel


Director of photography - Simon Feray

Assistant director - Jessie Claude

Sound mixer - Liu Xingyu

DOP’s assistants - Sylvain Vetter, Maell Feray

Make-up artist - Misia Poisson

Location manager - Isabel Hernández

Editor - Cyril Battarel

Sound editor - Rémi Seffacene

Re-recording mixer - Matthieu Fraticelli

Colorist - Simon Feray


Two young women walk down a Parisian street.

Suddenly, one of them thinks she recognizes her father, who has been missing for twelve or thirteen years.

She asks her friend to go and accost him...


Festival Ptit Clap - Levallois - 2023

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